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Made within 72 hours for Ludum Dare 33. The theme was "You are the monster".

Use the Arrow Keys, ASDW or the Left Joystick on a 360 controller (might work with others, but not tested) to move around, and Spacebar or "A" on the 360 controller.

When you attack the Hero he loses life and courage. bring either down to zero to defeat him. Also "attacking" the other cast members will bring down the Hero's courage.

When you attack the Leading Lady she runs to the exit. She will panic if she sees you.

The Extra will flee if he sees you, and "die" if attacked.

You can divert the Extra and the Leading Lady by moving objects in their path.

Remember: Winning is not defeating the Hero, winning is pleasing the Director

Thank you for playing!

Feel free to make a let's play or review of this game and monetize it.

Note the .exe "should" work on Mac and Linux, but I have not tested them.

Average sessionA few minutes