A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare Game Jam. It was made in Unity by one person (JW608)


WASD or Arrow Keys or Game Controller (Untested)

You are living with your elderly grandmother, and when she found out about your grades she grounded you. Thus are confined to your bedroom.

Then the real tragedy hit.

Your Videogame Guy ran out of batteries.

Now you must risk your life to find more so that you can survive the weekend. You know that Grandma keeps extras in the house somewhere, but you can't remember where... they could be in:

- The Kitchen Counter

- The Curio Cabinet in the Living Room

- The Living Room Closet

- The Hall Closet

- Grandma's Nightstand

You need to search these places, find which one has the batteries, and then get back to your room. And at no point can you let Grandma see you!

Keep in mind that Grandma tends to roam the house, sometimes erratically. This is because of her failing mental health, and totally not due to the wonky, hack-job path finding she uses.

Good Luck!

Install instructions

Everything comes packed in a zip file ready to run, just unzip and double click "Grounded.exe"


Grounded.zip 48 MB